General restrictions on servers and services.

This section applies to all services (sometimes called "servers" in this document) offered by Grid-Servers LTD. (also referred to as "Grid-Servers", or ""). In each case, the singular term "server" applies to one identifier and type of server at once (the type depending on the context), but never multiple types (for example a game server and the webserver) at the same time. A server may not:

+ Run a "sub-service" from the server that allows connections to a different IP address on the machine or to a different port on the server's IP address, or which piggybacks on a provided server port to provide "back door" abilities to control the server that are not already included with the server as provided by Grid-Servers + Read or alter any files outside the renter's server directory (the contents of which are represented either in the FTP site of the server or, if that is not provided, in the server's control panel), with the exception of those files needed by the base server itself as provided by Grid-Servers
+ Create and store backups or copies of server files for any Grid-Servers service on Grid-Servers servers.
+ Initiate connections to external IP addresses (outside of the server machine), to include pinging another address or connecting to an external database or client, other than according to the functionality included in the base server, without prior permission from a respondent at the email address
+ Attempt to escalate user rights beyond those given to the server when it was initially set up by Grid-Servers
+ Attempt to raise the maximum number of concurrent connections allowed for the server without prior permission from a respondent at the email adress
+ Advertise for a competitor of Grid-Servers or denigrate Grid-Servers services
+ Do anything that would violate the InterNAP Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) or cause Grid-Servers to violate the InterNAP AUP. As of this writing, the InterNAP AUP is located at, but its location may change from time to time. If the InterNAP AUP cannot be located or there is a question about what it covers, the customer must contact Grid-Servers Ltd. for clarification.
+ Cause Grid-Servers to violate a contractual obligation, such as the EULA associated with a game server
+ We reserve the right to cancel service at any time, for any reason, and give the renter a prorated refund according to how much time is left in the rental period. However, refunds will not be granted when the renter cancels early (as outlined below).
+ The policies listed in this document are governed by the laws of the United Kingdom of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and any claims, legal proceeding, or litigation arising in connection with them will be brought solely in Oxfordshire, England. You consent to the jurisdiction of such courts.

Game Servers

Additionally, game servers may not:

+ Run any sort of bot or artificial player, with these exceptions: bots based on Olo's Fakefull code that sit as spectators and do not interact with players on the server; up to four standard bots at a time in games that natively provide them as options, such as CS:Source, Condition Zero, Team Fortress 2, and CS:GO; and computer-run opponents in games such as Left4Dead, Left4Dead2, ArmA2, and Team Fortress 2 in "Mann v. Machine" mode that are required for basic play.
+ Run a "ping booster", "ping accelerator" or other such utility which enables the multimedia timer on the server machine, as these can cause significantly increased latencies and load times for all servers on the machine and disrupt additional services such as stats
+ Run a plugin or other modification that performs local-storage-based backup or snapshotting
+ Use more than ten gigabytes of hard drive space total, unless otherwise is agreed upon with support staff.


Service cancellations must be made as outlined below. If a service is not cancelled in the applicable manner, a customer's funding source may be automatically charged for continuation of the service.

For a direct subscription:

Log in to the Grid-Servers Billing control panel, click "Services", and then click "My Services" from the dropdown. Then select the service you wish to cancel. In the left-hand column click "Request Cancellation". Giving a reason is entirely optional, and to confirm the cancellation click "Request Cancellation". Always confirm that the subscription is in a "Stopped" state following the submission, before closing the page.

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